Mahnoor Yawar, Contributing Editor for Articles

Mahnoor Yawar

Mahnoor Yawar

Mahnoor is a kind, loving, patient teacher of children – be they externally or internally so – and lover of cats and dogs alike. She inhabits her own quiet corner of suburbia with a loving family, handing out free hugs, a steady shoulder and plenty of space in her heart to all who need it.

Mahnoor is a former standup comedian involved in a self-initiated lifelong experiment. Now playing the compelling role of sarcastic, jaded misanthrope, she is currently living as a recluse in a small, long forgotten cabin in the faintest echo of the deepest valley, with only a rifle and a typewriter to keep her company.

Mahnoor is a sharp-dressing fast-talking young cosmopolitan fighting her way through a concrete jungle that never sleeps, and she invariably has something to add to the neverending conversation that constructs a city within a city – the very core of the strange allure that people far from urbanization pine for.

Mahnoor is 96 years old, living out the end of her days feverishly sewing buttons on to everything she sees and voraciously brewing all kinds of tea in her record-breaking teapot collection. She sits around waiting for the next person to come along and sit by her, quietly, as she regales them with stories of the good old days.

Mahnoor is a slayer of mythical beasts both known and unknown, a hero to civilizations far and wide, loved and hated in equal measure. Adventure coarses through her every weathered vein. She runs entirely on adrenaline, laughs at the sleepers as weak, and is hungry for guidance and knowledge from the masters of the universe.

In the infinite expanse of a multitude of universes, there exists a different Mahnoor in each one. The existence of one of these strange beings has been confirmed within one such known universe. But it stands to reason that, in the infinite expanse of time and space and logic, if one exists, then the others might as well. And if we bend the temporal rules as well as we have the spatial, then at any given moment, the life of one Mahnoor might overlap with a Mahnoor in a parallel world.

Which is which, and when, we’ll never truly know. Fortunately, there is only one constant: she loves words, in every form and manner, with every atom of her existence, real or virtual, and devotes her life to combining them and pulling them apart for the sheer enjoyment of it.