[quote]“[I]n a country where it is often the breakdown of law and order, rampant intolerance, violence against women, persecution of minorities, and lack of common sense that gets reported in the local, no less than in foreign, press and news media, here are people of astonishing courage and flair, doing some admirable work.”[/quote] ~ Waqas Khwaja, Poet

[quote]One of the best magazines around![/quote] ~ Shikha Malaviya, Founder of “The Great Indian Poetry Collective” & Monsoon Magazine.

[quote]The Missing Slate strikes me as a literary magazine with a purpose. In its patient way it strives to do something, to make connections and prompt changes. The fact that it manages to be an interesting and stimulating read while doing so is a bonus.[/quote] ~ Christopher Frost, Neon Magazine

[quote]The Missing Slate continues to present some of the most adventurous poetry and art being written, not only in the West, but around the world. [The magazine] is giving a voice and gallery to the best of world literature and art.[/quote] ~ John Robert Lee, Poet

[quote]The Missing Slate is a remarkable initiative spearheaded by an eclectic bevy of free-thinking, talented and committed individuals [with] a palpable desire to compile an online literary and art journal that traverses cultural, regional and ideological borders without censoring free thought and freedom of expression. Art, poetry, reviews, essays and fiction are all deliciously compiled for a truly satisfying emotional and intellectual experience. The fact that the editorial team is managed from Pakistan and spans the globe is both praiseworthy and poignant.[/quote] ~ Zurain Imam, Fashion Journalist

[quote]The writing is eclectic, literary, intellectual and erudite and […] there is much to admire in this visually impressive magazine.[/quote] ~ J.S. Watts, Sabotage Reviews

[quote]Th[e ninth] issue showcases Pakistani English creative writing – including translation from the Urdu – to capture the essence and complexities of Pakistan today.[/quote] ~ Muneeza Shamsie, Critic / Editor