Between Two Worlds

“Ursula spotted the three black students immediately. Everyone did. They could not be missed because they kept to themselves and apart from the rest….” Excerpted from ‘Between Two Worlds’, by Amma Darko.

The Way of Meat

“Every day—any day—any one of us could be picked out for any reason, and we would be… We’d part like hair, pushing into the walls of our containment area, then alternately cry, call, or sigh when the farmhand wrestled his pick off the floor.” By Nana Ekua Brew-Hammond.


“Sapling legs bend smoothly, power foot in place,/ her back, parallel to solid ground,/ makes her torso a table of support…” By Kadija Sesay.

Not Just A Phase

“…in the workplace, a person can practically be forced out of their job by discrimination, taking numerous days off for fear of their physical safety and mental wellbeing.” Aaron Grierson confronts prejudice against bisexuality.

Talking Gender

“In fact it is often through the uninformed use of such words that language becomes a tool in perpetuating sexism and violence against women in society.” Sana Hussain on gender and language.