Casey Harding, Senior Editor (Fiction)

Casey Harding

Casey Harding

Throughout the many career changes that have occurred in my life, I have always fancied myself a writer. Whether scribbling on the back of paper ripped from my server book or writing poems (which I later wished I had written in something erasable) in the margins of school textbooks, I have been consumed by the desire to share my experiences with an audience. It was only when, begrudgingly at first, I took an editorial assistant job years ago that I realized the kind of joy I felt while writing was the same kind of joy I felt when reading a new and exciting submission and sharing it with others.

Working with The Missing Slate has been an incredible experience and through it I have discovered that near-combustible fuel, the stuff of truly great writers, that could satiate an entire lifetime’s worth of my literary desires. I am very excited to see what’s in store for The Missing Slate, and honored to be a part of the journey.

Casey Harding is the Managing Editor for Fiction. Contact Casey if you are a translator looking for diverse readership, a publisher seeking to place fiction extracts or a first-time novelist looking for wider exposure.