Cecilia Greco, Asst. Fiction Editor


Cecilia Greco

I am thrilled to be a part of The Missing Slate. Aside from being able to use my love of reading for a purpose, I shall be glad to devote myself to a Pakistan-based magazine that makes available a wide range of free, cultural expression in spite of local constraints and censorship. I’ve a deep passion for learning and sharing that which isn’t said — whether it be due to self- or political-oppression — via the peaceful and effective means of writing and art. I am hence compelled to The Missing Slate’s fiction section, as an amateur fiction writer myself, for its exhibition of current, “borderless” works in translation — I consider each piece an intimate representation of respective cultures as well as the human’s irrepressible will to create. That my work can help to impart these pieces with the world is, on a personal level, both motivating and fulfilling. It will only put into practice my research on the art that comes where there conceivably is none.