Varda Nisar, Art Editor

Varda Nisar

Varda Nisar

Writing a bio about yourself for a magazine for which you work for is akin to that one particular question that you always get asked at job interviews, “So tell us a bit about yourself?” I mean, what is there about me that I would be willing to reveal, that will not embarrass me and still sound interesting to the casual observer?


I am a non-conformist, but not a rebel.

I am unorthodox, but not pretentious (enough).

I am the product of the post-modernist culture, but not a critic of the modernist.

I am an idea person (there needs to be such a designation in the world), but I don’t live in a bubble world.

In a more straightforward manner, I am a writer, researcher, curator, assistant gallery manager, assistant editor, nuts, freelancer, dreamer, reader.

I, from the very depth of my heart, believe that I should have been a hippie, and wouldn’t mind time-traveling to at least be able to attend the Woodstock Festival (I would also like to take a moment to bring to the concerned authorities my strong condemnation of the fact that the Woodstock Festival didn’t happen in my time and age).

In conclusion, I am a stiletto wearing, peace-demanding, seafood-craving, mistake-making, day-dreaming, book-carrying, next-adventure-planning, bigmouthed person, who would, at anytime of the day, accept the fact that one should be ready for failure of any sort, for that is how growth is possible.