Maryam Piracha, Editor-in-Chief

Maryam Piracha

Things change and they change quickly. If anyone had asked me in June 2010, when The Missing Slate was founded, whether this is where we would be all these years later, I would — much like Fox Mulder — have wanted to believe it was true. But my cynical side would have known better. After all, many journals with ambitions as large as ours would have folded by now. But here we are, still surviving. A testament to the editorial team behind the magazine, no doubt. But also a touchstone for our readership and contributors whose voices we have presented and showcased.

What an achievement that’s been. As journeys go, The Missing Slate’s is far from over. The magazine stays true to its vision in every sense — it presents a global footprint in the literature and artwork it showcases, steering away from needless geographic bounds and nationalistic sensibilities, and walking steadily towards a more globalised world. A concept that seems to be in short supply with every passing moment, making TMS all the more poignant and relevant.

What the magazine has done (and what it will continue to do) is simple: given voice to hundreds of people, regardless of sexual orientation, religious or political sensibilities, geographical leanings or backgrounds, because we are — as the Holstee Manifesto so rightly puts forth — “united in our differences”.

I am hopeful, however, that our offline footprint will be as pronounced as our online efforts and that the magazine will continue to take bold steps into adventures and misadventures in its ever-evolving future. What fun would it be if everything turned out perfectly with little to no learning in the process? We are only as good as the challenges put in our path and the measures we take to overcome them. And TMS has proven itself resilient and groundbreaking time and time again, so I look to the future with the bright-eyed wonder of a creatively satisfied helmswoman.

Onward and upward!

Maryam is currently on sabbatical and is unavailable for communication. The magazine is currently not taking on new staff at the moment. If you have feedback on the magazine, please contact Managing Editor, Orooj-e-Zafar. This includes review requests and areas of collaborative opportunities.