Shameen Arshad, Art Editor

Shameen Arshad

Shameen Arshad

“Weirdism is definitely the cornerstone of many an artist’s career.” ~ E.A Bucchianeri

That sounds about right. I often wonder about my affinity for the arts – is it something innate or was I just repeatedly told that I made a decent drawing in art class? This is an enigma yet to be deciphered. My best guess is that I fit the bill as I was always the girl with the crazy hair and the ability to zone out which was mostly confused for some kind of deep contemplation. I guess I was “strange” enough to be an artist. However, whatever the reason for the fascination the fact cannot be denied.

At The Missing Slate, I try and channel some of this fascination. To me, TMS is a platform that helps promote the best amongst the art market- creative individuals, that in my opinion are worthy of recognition. My aim is to bring to the surface art that stirs up different emotions; maybe art that leads up to a wild debate or has the ability to put you in a trance for a little while.

Working at TMS is quite the learning experience! Chatting with the artists about their work, process, and technique is quite a pleasant and enlightening practice. The Missing Slate is the beautiful marriage of art and literature, a platform where emotions and sensibilities are given tangibility. Thus, I hope to review some amazing art and perhaps one day become an artist someone else would be excited to write about.