Competition #1 Your words are:

Word: Paddlecock
Person: Lenny Lipton
Acronym: R.G.P
Film: Three o’clock High

Deadline: December 1st. Details below.

What We Give You:

  • Word
  • Person’s Name
  • Obscure Acronym
  • Film’s Title

What You Give Us

  • Wacky, bizarre, creative and hilarious submissions.
  • Maximum of 50 words/entry.
  • Full context of the acronym; e.g. ‘E.G.N’ stands for Edison’s Gyrating Nymphet.
  • What the person did; e.g. ‘Jack Shepherd’ went around an imaginary island, calling people to action until he fell into a hole and was never heard of again.
  • The plot of the film, e.g. ‘Jumping Jupiter’ is about a man’s seemingly insane desire to create a spaceship to transport him to Jupiter, from where he plans to “jump” into the time warp created by the sudden departure of Battlestar Gallactica. Will he succeed or fail? Tagline: How high will you go? How low will you fall?
  • Word’s definition, e.g. runnel means a liquid or some such substance that passes through a funnel, or in some cases a tunnel (where the substance is water, oil, etc) fluidly, without outside intervention. [No, that’s not the actual definition!]
  • Email us your entries with your name in the subject and your definitions on individual lines, corresponding with categories in the message body.

Let the games begin!