Moeed Tariq, Creative Director

Moeed Tariq

Moeed Tariq

An avid reader, apprentice painter, aspiring lifestyle designer and absolutely cuckoo for cooking and baking. But there is nothing I’m more excited about than seeing TMS in print one day (soon).

I’d known Maryam for over a year when she told me she was planning to launch a magazine, I knew that it would be unlike any other local publication out there today. In the weeks that followed, she only reaffirmed that suspicion. Handpicking some of the most gifted young writers in the country, she put together a rather formidable editorial team. I was only too pleased to be a part of a set of young people on the brink of bringing about a change the likes of which we, more so today then ever before, are in crucial need.

I’ve gone through the patchy “children’s magazines” and the high-end glossies in the print industry published in the last decade and with each issue I’ve flipped through, I’ve only thought of the need for a magazine that brings together all that is best about the business. Passionate writers who believe in their words and cohesively brilliant visuals that make each page an experience for the reader. That is exactly what we intend to do. In my mind, I see a magazine with its content on par with the likes of ‘The New Yorker’, with a look that wouldn’t shame us if we were to end up on a newsstand next to ‘Vogue’. When we say that we are for “the discerning metropolitan”, we kid you not.

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