Tehniat Aftab, Associate Editor for Fiction

As the Associate Editor for Fiction, Tehniat Aftab is the purveyor of all fiction before it lands on the desks of the Editor & Deputy Editor. Writers, impress her.

A student of literature, I am an obsessive foodie who loves books, wrist watches, technology and the internet. I love to conduct research on various topics, be it medical, food, history or art. A free spirit and adrenaline junkie at heart, I can and do do anything for the sake of adventure. I love bungee jumping, hiking, camping and would love to go scuba diving someday. I love photography. It’s amazing how the lens can capture something which starts out as a mere vision in your mind. I love it when I can take a picture with the angle that I have imagined. My other interests include arts, History, cars (& bikes), and Cooking.

Personally, I think TMS will be a great experience…I’ll be working with people who are far more skilled, talented and knowledgeable than I am, but at the same time I think I can bring a fresh voice to the table. And that’s the kind of work I’m looking for; wide-eyed, different, with a strong and unique voice. TMS is an art and literary journal, pure and simple and I believe (without bias!) that it is one of a kind in Pakistan, and possibly the subcontinent. We’re going to bring out different perspectives, new thoughts and visions from the fresh young minds of tomorrow. I’m looking forward to reading the work of talented people and working with the awesomeness that is the TMS team. Heureux lecture et d’écriture! :D