“She sits in an old people’s home/ thinking of feathers: how one/ should hold them lightly; how they fly…”
By Esther Phillips.


“I learned I would die/ someday, and the fast car will get you there/ long before death…”
By Kwame Dawes.


“A gleaming wanting to withhold itself and almost doing that, almost/ slipping back into the green, unnoticed but for the shift of light…”
By Kendel Hippolyte.

Leaving Coal Mine

“I wore charred wings in my hair/ for weeks after she left,/ I prayed to her in tongues/ of wild grasses and deep water.” By Danielle Boodoo-Fortuné.

The Great Escape

In the constant shuffle of commodities and experiences available for the savvy shopper / believer, “buying in” has never been easier in the ever evolving search for the new you. Senior Articles Editor Aaron Grierson examines the trend in this essay from the 12th issue.