Prepping for Doomsday: the Cosmically–Unconscious

By Kent Monroe


Secret Pond by Tom Yoda

Secret Pond by Tom Yoda

It is the mind that distills magic from existence – the three–dimensional mind whose path, like light, can travel in all possible directions. Having invested 4.5 billion years engineering it, the universe beckons us now to use our gift. It waits for us to explore it, to master it, to complete it. You see, stars shine only because we are here to witness them. They truly do shine for us.

We have the honor of living in the great transitional age where our primal territorial and hierarchical urges are not just increasingly unimportant, but are now, in fact, impediments in the evolutionary path to our destiny. We evolved long ago to be prepared 24/7 for anger and violence. Our minds were cosmically–unconscious, two–dimensional, hard–wired for fear and wariness –and with good reason. Extinction was a clear and present danger. The ability to recognize threats and either evade or kill them clearly took precedence over empathy and critical thinking.

We have evolved. Not only is the flat Earth now round, but five thousand working satellites circle the planet in the vacuum of space. The internet connects us all at light speed. Survival of the fittest is slowly, inexorably becoming survival of the selfless. The change to the cosmically–conscious mind, driven by the boundless desire to go forth together with a sense of purpose and wonder, has begun. What a beautiful thing that is. We see the possibility of sharing our resources. We conceptualize a world united.  We envision love without condition.  Of course we will always need to be cognizant of danger, because danger will always exist, and we need the active capacity for fear and anger to resist wrong in all forms, but that capacity will be connected symbiotically to and edited by the three–dimensional mind, protecting us.

Survival of the fittest is slowly, inexorably becoming survival of the selfless.
It has been one wild ride from dust to us, and the process is not calming down any time soon.  You see, not everybody thinks three–dimensionally yet. A fault line has developed between those who see an evolving future, dynamic and pointed towards the stars, open to all, filled with possibility and real purpose, and those so rooted in the past, so locked within their static narrative, they really can’t move towards an open–ended future. Existence for them therefore is the preservation of heritage, the perpetuation of culture and religious purity until the inescapable end of everything natural – the fulfillment of scriptures, the judgment of souls, the punishment of the ungodly. Life for them is not the glorious pursuit of love and knowledge; life is prepping for doomsday.  Fate is fixed. The world is safely, securely static – their static centerpiece of a static universe.

Reality, though, is not static. The earth spins on its axis at 1,000 mph at the equator as it orbits the sun at a little more than 67, 000 mph. The solar system itself orbits the galactic core at 514, 000 mph, and our galaxy – over 200 billion stars – hurtles outward through space at blinding speeds as the universe expands. Endless waves of neutrinos generated thousands of light years away constantly zip unnoticed at the speed of light through our bodies…and travel on. Electrons superimpose, existing simultaneously in different locations.  All the matter sucked into black holes… goes somewhere.

Not for the cosmically–unconscious, though. Lacking the safeguard of the three–dimensional mind – fear and distrust are exaggerated, contorting their thoughts, restricting their point of view. They become trapped within their two–dimensional, depthless reading of existence. They see a universe with billions of galaxies, brimming with trillions and trillions of stars, unutterably vast, yet increasingly within our reach…and it frightens them. Threatened, they are rising up with a determination fueled by righteous indignation. Angst overwhelms their minds, metastasizes in their hearts. They see the world moving straight to hell, and they are dead–set on resisting. They are determined to turn the dynamic into the static.

But it is too late. Nature is dynamic, and evolution does not travel backwards. There are too many three–dimensional minds and too many loving hearts to overcome. The two fit together beautifully—love and minds that travel like light in all possible directions.

Doomsday is just a state of mind. The cosmically–unconscious will awaken by and by. With illuminated minds, they will begin prepping, not for doomsday, but for a new day, understanding the world’s future will be built on inclusion and tolerance and a desire to be strong through goodness and respect for others, because that is the better way, the evolved way. It is the way a civilization reaches the stars.

God is not coming to kick our ass. If anything, you could say God waits for us. Up there. Out there. Everywhere. So come together, brothers and sisters. Fasten seatbelt lights are glowing cherry red and blinking furiously worldwide, but don’t despair. Please do, however, buckle up – this ride to the stars gets bumpy at times.


Kent Monroe lives with a delightful gang of cats and dogs in Troy, New Hampshire. He prefers to garden and write, but also works here and there to feed the gang. His words have appeared in Virginia Quarterly Review, New England Review, and The Write Room.