doctors pure as angels, white as chefs

peruse menus on clipboards,


their exhaustion mouthed in metric

from a graveyard shift cuisine


measuring the flour, cutting off the surplus,

adhering to rules, to rules, to rules-


hospital smocks’ mocking exposure

to cold air and latex


the way fatigue sets in when

bilious walls deaden,


bringing on the drone of

fluorescent blood-suckers


as a hypo plunges deep into

a fat vein, pliant and compliant,


to siphon me through the

emptiness outside the box-


a distant voice is counting backwards…

I smell bread baking


—Jade Pandora


Jade Pandora ( is a California native. She is the 2010 recipient of the Matthew Rocca Poetry Award (Deakin University, Australia). She has written poetry since 2001, and studied/written Japanese short form since 2007. A published poet, her books “Stolen Light”, “Shooting Star”, and “Offerings: 2nd edition” can be found at