Get Thrashed: A Documentary

By Khaver Siddiqui

Thrash Metal is loud which makes Get Thrashed, a documentary on the genre, one of the loudest documentaries in recent times. As the name suggests, this particular form of music revolved around playing metal louder and faster, and always inciting the crowd to “thrash” around. These bands comprised of kids who sang about mythological creatures, old b-movies, serial killers and mass murderers. But every so often they would also sing about what it was like being a teenager and the angst that came with it. These were also the kids that absolutely hated glam rock/metal, another emerging trend that sounded like more like pop and very less like rock. So who were these teenagers that started it all? Back then they were just a bunch of kids trying to differentiate their sound with what they were used to hearing.

These kids grew up to be bands like Metallica, Slayer, Anthrax and Megadeth, just to name a few. But back then they were just kids getting drunk, trashing hotels, and trying to make it big by playing music that was as loud as it could get. They had jobs but would take time out to tour the country, play music in clubs and in backyards. These kids were genuinely passionate about the music and were determined to be heard. The documentary explores the area of San Francisco where Thrash Metal was born. All the while through the documentary we see grainy footage, black and white photos and interviews with the bands themselves (back then and now). They talk about the times and what it was like to explore and push the boundaries of music, though it’s pretty clear that thanks to all the booze and drugs they either can’t remember much or are pretty scared at what they do remember about those times.

Also discussed are legends whose lives were cut short, whether by substance abuse or by accident and their memories are nothing but celebrated by fans and the musicians alike. Get Thrashed is an interesting documentary; it screams and shouts the history of a rich and deep genre of music that is terribly overshadowed by the dark and bitter state of music today; otherwise known as Justin Bieber and Rebecca Black. Get Thrashed reminds us that there were times when young people were actually passionate about the music they made and listened to.