Night sparkles and sparkles.
Butterflies just like bridges
—constructed. The multitude
of sequins at night.

We say ‘I love you’
to get a response.
‘Death’ is the answer,
though it isn’t right.

We touch so softly.
Each touch has its echo.
We turn away our eyes
with animal gentleness.

~ Marcin Świetlicki, trans. from Polish by Elżbieta Wójcik-Leese


Marcin Åšwietlicki (b.1961) is the author of eleven poetry books, most recently ‘Dietl’s Delta’, and three novels. He writes texts for the band Åšwietliki, where he is also a lead vocalist. He lives in Kraków.

Elżbieta Wójcik-Leese writes between English, Polish and Danish. Her books include: ‘Nothing More’, a selection from Krystyna Miłobędzka (2013); ‘Salt Monody’, versions of Marzanna Kielar (2006); ‘Cognitive Poetic Readings in Elizabeth Bishop: Portrait of a Mind Thinking’ (2010). She co-edited ‘Carnivorous Boy Carnivorous Bird: Poetry from Poland’ (2004) and co-wrote ‘Metropoetica. Poetry and Urban Space: Women Writing Cities’ (2013).