Spotlight Artist – Sonja Dimovska

 Have you always known you wanted to be a graphic artist?

Graphic art is a medium I most frequently use to express myself. I have a feeling as if I have been doing that for my whole life. I have always found graphics as something very close to me, since my early beginnings. An unpremeditated choice of mine but quite a compelling one for me. Destiny, I presume…anyhow, I have actively started exploring it as a discipline some 20 years ago.

 Can you recall the first drawing you ever made, what was it?

To me, a drawing is a predecessor of all things happening further in the process. A beginning of my existence as a person and further on as an author/artist; I like the clarity of drawings, the way they expose all the tiny blemishes, accidental or on purpose they are all inevitably visible. It is a component of my reality, a composite part of my stories. Perhaps I can’t vividly remember my first drawing as I cannot recall my first steps or first words uttered.

Where do you draw your inspiration from?

Mostly, from all the things that surround me. From the people around me, my close friends, my own dreams, from both the beautiful and ugly life experiences, but above all – from the nature.

Are there any artists in particular that you admire?

Yes, there are artists who, during my aging as an artist, have been close to me in their sensibility and have been inspirational, and there still are such people but they really are numerous and I do believe they have all had their influences during different periods in my creative opus.

Tell us a little about your hometown of Skopje?

Well, this is a tough one – let’s say it is a capital city always at the verge of its ‘metropolis-to be’ quest, a cozy and peculiar place on the Balkans, where I was born and grew up, once completely destroyed by a terrible earthquake and rebuilt by the world solidarity hands; a place where, nowadays,‘Disneyland and antiquity’ meet together and where past tries to combat the inspiring future. I believe you might have to come and visit it in order to understand it…and love it.

What was the inspiration for your collections called ‘Insectarium Intro I and II’ and ‘Colored Insectarium’?

Perceptibly, the insects themselves – that micro world literally takes the whole of me. It all began when I was trying to see what most of people do not even notice. I wanted to explore these brand new forms for me and at the same time beat my inner irrational fear from insects. In the process, the compositions started building upon themselves spontaneously, even more because, as I previously mentioned, I had nature itself as a source of my inspiration.

 Your creations resound as deeply personal, how much of your own self do you put in to your work?

I presume each artist puts a great part of him/herself into his/her works. My case is not that different at all. Perhaps one of the major characteristics of my works is particularly this one. My works are a reflection of my inner life that I decide to share with the spectators. At times they are even too personal, yet it is my way of communicating with the outside world. Everything I cannot express in words, or I find it unnecessary to explain, is expressed through my imagery.

Have you ever thought of chosing a different career?

I have never seriously thought that there is another reality for me than the one I have created for myself. I have always known, deep inside me, what I have been predestined for. To me, this is the only way in which I can truly express myself and the only way for me to communicate to the world.

What’s a normal day in your life like?

It something rather too normal, I believe. Daily routines do not avoid me at all. I try to avoid the huge trap of the so called daily routine and realize the original nature of myself right in it without destroying it and without attaching to it too much…

How would you collectively describe your work in your own words?

One can perceive my works in two different ways; the observer may experience them at a purely emotional level or, as well, find the essence of the existence of a completely different universe, so close but yet so far away from us. My part of the communication with the audience ended up with the very first imprint of the graphic sheet, everything else that remains is the life of my works that depends on the purity of thought which I tried to convey. I hope I succeeded in that.