Cure All

I do not know you
and, yet, I feel the urge
to give you fashion advice
against carrying,
under your arm,
a brown feathered chicken
in the business district,
because it demonstrates
you have a lot of cluck
not the pluck
you wish to employ
to conquer financial institutions
in need of reform
or, at least, a devilishly good spanking.
The whole chicken thing
might work
if you change out of your
business blues
into some voodoo costume—
New Orleans tradition—
then pray to all of your
checkbook balancing ancestors
for success.

–Kenneth P. Gurney

Kenneth P. Gurney lives in Albuquerque, NM.  He edits the New Mexico poetry anthology Adobe Walls.  His latest book is An Accident Practiced.  To learn more about Kenneth visit