The Apple is a Meta-Cognitive Object

Note:     truth is not beauty

neither is      beauty equivalent to truth

dismissi ng the initial —


Eve     (and Serpent)     Know what God knows.

Eve     (and Adam)        What is it you cannot live without?


moving towards…     an apple was not the gilden fruit     of the garden

did not symbolize     knowledge/rank


pragmatism:     teeth     (cleaned)     shine     (red)     to some degree

to razor’s edge     training incisor(s)


Skin is porous

Face the force of earth climbing through


Decay     on the inside

flawed mechanics     (Die in open air)

cell level rot     without it’s skin


flesh     soft like muscle

non-tendrilous     molecular matter     clumps

core through     Eat it all     chew     seeds/stem


texture:     the soft, brittle tissue (fibrous)      moist

to stay whole     (intact)     conjuncted


The splitting sound is     that something must be devoured

over     and over

in practice     once a day


Place the arrow on your head

Draw the bow

Don’t move


—Kamau Rucker


Kamau Rucker is a poet, playwright, singer/songwriter, and educator. He received an MFA in Poetry from GMU in 2009. He is also a current MFA candidate at Hollins University, and a Cave Canem fellow. Recent publications include The Heat, The Day, and This Moment (San Francisco Bay Press), Conditions of Light (Pudding House Press), Poems for Living Waters, and Salamander.