Spotlight: Zil-e-Batool

Zil-e-Batool, in this one-on-one session with Creative Director Moeed Tariq, discusses where the ideas for her exquisite jewelry designs come from. She is a versatile Lahori jewelry designer, currently studying Jewelry Design from Beaconhouse National University. She is also a part of the faculty imparting training to students in Jewelry Design and Manufacturing. She has participated in several workshops and seminars including Gems & Jewelry Sector Of Pakistan For The Future that was held in Lahore Chamber of Commerce in April 2009. She curated BNU’s 1st Jewel CAD exhibition in December 2008.

Have you always wanted to be a jewelry designer? Why?

Well, not exactly, I used to design but when I was in my level 8th I had to choose Science as my Major. So, I did my graduation in Mathematics and Computers but after that I totally went off-course because of the career issue, which is why I chose to do my second Bachelor degree in Jewelry Designing from Beaconhouse National University.

Where do you draw your inspiration from?

I want to revive the traditional art movements by channeling them as a new, contemporary (artistic) expression. Subjects could be present day issues or any formal expression, but from my perspective. Material and form create no limitations — I want to work in every possible material for jewelry. Today, in this new millennium, with greater freedom of expression, anyone can present his or her perspective.

What are your favorite materials to work with and why?

I love working in sterling silver and copper. Gold, too, but it is expensive and out of reach for many but its importance cannot be denied. Others materials like wood, feathers, junk materials, Plexiglas, plastic and aluminum, among others.

How would you define your target demographic?

I want to make expressive jewelry pieces that will speak to anyone in the general public. My mission is to spread my ‘words’ to every person. My medium could be anything but my expression is universal.

What sets your design and design philosophy apart from other designers out there?

My designs are a fusion of both traditional and contemporary expression. That’s how I would like to work in my upcoming collections. Many designers are doing the same work but mine is quite different. Of course, ‘the artist is not a different kind of person, but every person is a different kind of artist’ (Eric Gillman)’.

What are your plans for the future and where would you like to see yourself a few years from now?

By the Grace of Allah, after my graduation I will launch my brand. I’m planning a few exhibitions and fashion shows and definitely want to work in the market as a known jewelry designer.

Are there any brands or designers that you are particularly fond of?

There are many international brands which I am really interested in working with: Cartier, Van Cleef & Arpels and Bvlgari.